Mission: Oklahoma

YUKON:  Oklahoma's first CIAD target city!!!

Thanks to everyone who made this a great success!  Got it done - learned a lot.  Ready for the next one!  Link to Yukon CIAD time lapse video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGXD2McI1pk

The Next Oklahoma CIAD:

Currently Oklahoma does not have a CIAD event planned.  Check back for future developments.

When another CIAD kicks off - To participate, click the link on the upper left to complete & submit the Laborer/Participant volunteer form.

Church in a Day (CIAD) Objective

  • complete construction in 24 hours
  • place a steeple on every church
  • construct a low maintenance exterior with partial stone or brick
  • complete landscaping
  • paved parking lot
  • attractive church signage

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